The Board





Wendy Boehm


Rondi Pillette

Rondi has been involved in fundraising on behalf of Chiari Malformation since 2008. She became involved with Chiari through her close friendship with Wendy Boehm and her son Cass, who was diagnosed with Chiari as an infant. Watching Cass meet the challenges that his Chiari condition presents from year to year gives her the incentive to do what she can to fund much needed pain management research. Working together with the Board and junior board members, she is confident that The Chiari Group will fulfill their mission of funding a pain management research grant.


Lynn Cruser

Lynn Cruser joined the Chiari Board in 2017. Lynn is very organized and she works closely with the other board members on the annual "Running for Research" race. Lynn had the pleasure of meeting Cass when he was in High School where he rowed on the crew team with both of her sons. Cass and his family are very special people to Lynn, and they inspired her to join the board and work to help others who have Chiari Disease.


Cass Boehm

Cass is a junior at Georgetown University majoring in English and Art History and a member of Georgetown’s Men’s Lightweight Rowing team. Cass Boehm has been actively involved in raising funds for Chiari Malformation research since 2008. He was diagnosed with Chiari as an infant and has undergone numerous surgeries. Coping with the pain caused by his Chiari has been an ongoing challenge for Cass and has provided much of the motivation behind funding research into options for non-addictive pain management.



Junior Members


John Matthews

John is attending Georgetown University ’18 and majoring in Government with a minor in Theology. His interest in joining the Chiari Board as a junior member in 2017 resulted from his friendship with Cass Boehm, a teammate on Georgetown's rowing team. “I’d like to support my friend Cass and all those who suffer with Chiari. The Chiari Group's dedication to funding research for new, non-addictive pain management is important not just for those with Chiari but for all those suffering with pain”. John plans to study dentistry this coming fall and hopes to spread Chiari awareness in his future endeavors.


Alex Harron

Alex is a sophomore at Georgetown University majoring in Global Business. She volunteered as a junior Chiari Group Board member starting in 2017. She and Cass Boehm met through their participation on the Georgetown Crew team. Alex is a coxswain for the women’s team. She feels the fundraising conducted to support pain management research is important not only for Chiari sufferers but anyone dealing dealing with a chronic pain condition. Alex was instrumental in recruiting participants for the 5K "Running for Research” November event and raising awareness about the challenges faced by those with Chiari.


David Lincoln


Thomas Dameris

Thomas joined the Chiari Board as a junior member in 2017. He is enrolled at Georgetown University ’20 majoring in Psychology. Thomas became involved in supporting the Chiari Group through his friendship with Cass Boehm, whom he met through Georgetown Lightweight Rowing? He has witnessed the intense level of pain that Chiari can create and wants to help raise funds to further pain management research. Thomas has been instrumental in producing video and audio pieces that have helped with promoting the “Running for Research” 5K race every November.